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SENM Elects Officers

October 23, 2004 04:52 PM

Newly elected officers are:  Jim Crouse, President; Faye Stokes, Vice President; Susie Russell, Secretary; and Charlie Jurva, Treasurer.

Crouse is retired from the Navy and holds a lifetime USPTA certification .  After his Navyt retirement, he built and managed a tennis club in central California where he developed programs to promote the sport.  He now is retired from that,  lives in Nogal, NM., and plays SWS tournaments, achieving a #3 in singles and #1 in doubles (Springer) in SW and #2 in singles and #1 in doubles in state during 2003. 


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April Finney, Roswell, and Ben Parra, Hobbs, received the junior player awards for their high school records.  Faye Stokes received the adult player from her sweep of the SW championship and state championship in singles and rankings of #1 in singles and doubles (Berger) in SW and state. 

Susie Russell received volunteer of the year for her dedication to activities in SENM and particularly her work with the SENM tournaments.

Kyle Marksteiner was presented the media award for his coverage of tennis activities in Carlsbad.

The tournament, unfortunately, was called when Roswell received twenty-four hours of rain beginning Saturday evening.   It was lucky to be fine weather all day Saturday.


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