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July 10, 2005 11:19 PM

In the true fashion of a Jurva tournament, "why play three matches when you can play nine", players got plenty of in-your-face action.

They drank gallons of water and cooled themselves with ice.  For some it was a victory just to survive.

Among the field of players this year were men and women from Arizona, California, and Texas.

When there was spare time ? during the weekend, players could relax and ride the riverboat on the Pecos River through residential and park properties.  Some had cookouts in the park.  The fireworks over the river offered more entertainment and excitement. 

Debbie, a newcomer from Houston wrote about it, "I had an absolute blast.  I immediately called the Texas Tennis Association and told them the tournament was a 'must-play tourney'.  I also let a few Florida pros know about it."  She plans to return next year as do many Southwest Section players who organize their schedules around the 4th of July in the Cavern City.

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