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SENM Honors Players and Volunteers

October 25, 2005 06:46 PM

Kyle Lynch, NMMI, and Amy Pennell, Hobbs, were Jr. Players of the Year.

Paul Baker, Hobbs, was Coach of the Year.

Victoria Griffith, Carlsbad, received Volunteer of the Year

Skip Clark, Roswell, won Super Senior Player.

Tom Springer from Cloudcroft (Southern NM District ) was honored as Out-of-District Player.

Besides the honorees, almost all of the players received some type of tennis motif gift during a presentation by Pegi Naranjo. With a great flair for decorative and unique ideas, she provided the evening's entertainment. For instance, she presented a few NMMI cadets with tennis mugs and suggested that they were "mugged" and for protection also gave them squirt guns with which to protect themselves. One of the young players received a life-sized skeleton, an example of all that was left of his opponent after a match. The evening was full of fun and frivolity with gifts for the players and jokes at their expense.

Jim and AmyJim and Kyle