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Roswell Tennis Association Holds Annual Valentine tournament

February 28, 2006 03:16 AM

Entered in A level: David Alcorn/Candy McClelland, Ski; Clark/Pegi Naranjo, Terry Cleveland/Kim Hitchcock, Ted Hitchcock/Carolyn Satterlee, Jerry Ware/Deb Prince.

Entered in B level: Stan Smith/Eileen Grooms, Bill Rapp/Faye Stokes, Tim McNeil/Sue Ferguson, Bill Schnedar/Pat Krakauskas, Glaze Sacra/Linda Zuniga.

Taking first place honors were Clark/Naranjo in A level; Cleveland/Hitchcock and Hitchcock/Satterlee tied for second. In the B level, Rapp/Stokes were first and McNeil/Ferguson were second.

Pegi Naranjo, with her usual flair for fun and games then awarded special prizes in the following categories:

Perfect Partner: Kim Hitchcock and Tim McNeil

Hot Stuff: Eileen Grooms and David Alcorn (presented with extravagantly decorated satin boxer shorts)

Wild Thing: Deb Prince and Stan Smith

Best Dressed: Carolyn Satterlee and Ted Hitchcock

Real; Sweethearts: Pat Krakauskas and Terry Cleveland

Knows How to Boogie: Jerry Ware and Glaze Sacra (who did a boogie for us to the tune of "I'm Too Sexy for my Shirt)

Look Best in Hand Cuffs: Bill Rapp (was subdued by Linda Zuniga and was also forced to wear a red satin sleep mask with some reference to his line calls)

Food at Cattleman's Steak House was super.

Kudos for all the player, some with maladies or injuries, who gave it their all on the courts.

Carolyn Satterlee and her tennis ball tiaraPat KrakauskasPegi and SkipGlaze and Jerry