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Hot Time In Carlsbad

July 19, 2007 02:32 AM

Player pictures by Curtis Neeld:

John WrightMatthew NeeldTom SpringerCrouse and SpringerDice and BoothErnie BoothJamie McKenna


Men's Open Singles--Armando Morales, El Paso

Women's Open Singles--Jamie McKenna, Carlsbad

Men's Open Doubles--Armando/Melton Morales

Women's Open Doubles--McKenna/Angelica Madrid

Mixed Open Doubles--McKenna/Dunagan

Men's 35 Singles--John Wright, Frisco, TX

Men's 45 Singles--Mike Gerstner, Roswell

Men's 50 Singles--Dennis Johnston, Ruidoso

Men's 55 Singles--Charles Jurva, Carlsbad

Men's 70 Singles--Tom Springer, Cloudcroft

Men's 45 Doubles--Jurva/Booth

Men's 65 Doubles--Booth/Dice

Mixed 60 Doubles--Stoesser/Dice